Bespoke College Advising


Identifying the right colleges, constructing smart and personal essays, and completing the many components of the Common Application can seem challenging for both students and parents. As a former member of Yale University's Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment team, I have a personal understanding of the competitive and occasionally overwhelming world of admissions. Whether you're just starting to think about college or in the midst of applications, I'll work with you to reduce the stress and focus your attention on what matters: telling your story. 

The college application process is an exciting opportunity for students to explore their interests, think deeply about their goals, and reflect upon meaningful experiences. Personal essays are an essential piece of the college admissions process and often serve as the schools’ first introduction to students. Without a compelling and well-crafted essay, your student is at a disadvantage in a sizable applicant pool, and risks blending in amongst prospective students. While grades and testing scores are important, colleges are looking to build classes of individuals—not just numbers. A thoughtful essay has a considerable impact on an admissions officer’s impression of a student, and can help push the needle from waitlisted to accepted. Through one-on-one sessions, writing exercises, and clear benchmarks, I help my students get at the heart who they are as individuals and how they can best convey their personality to colleges.

Together, we'll work side-by-side to:

  • Plan a holistic high school plan that will set your student up to succeed
  • Identify which standardized tests and high school courses to take
  • Select which colleges to visit based on the schools' unique attributes
  • Refine your college list to find the best schools for your student
  • Build a resumé that highlights your student's talents and accomplishments
  • Complete the Common App in a way that captures your complete story
  • Compose smart, compelling, and personal application essays
  • Prepare for alumni and on-campus interviews
  • Navigate deferrals and waitlists as you weigh your choices
  • Assess offers of admission and select the right college for you

Rates available upon request. Contact me to learn more.