Tutoring Services

Noam Shapiro and I'm a college application specialist, writing coach, and English tutor. Below you'll find some of the tutoring services I specialize in. If you're looking for tutoring in some other area or subject, I encourage you to contact me and we can discuss working together!

College Advising

  • Identifying which standardized tests and high school courses to take
  • Planning which colleges to visit
  • Refining your college list
  • Building your resumé
  • Completing the Common App
  • Writing your personal essay and supplementary essays
  • Preparing for alumni and on-campus interviews
  • Navigating deferrals and waitlists
  • Assessing offers of admission and selecting the right college for you

Additional Tutoring Services

  • Academic Essay Writing
  • Research Papers
  • Summer Program Applications
  • Graduate School Applications
  • Critical Reading and Analysis Skills
  • Middle & High School English, History, Social Studies & Social Sciences
  • Mock interviews

Rates available upon request. Contact me to learn more.

Educational Philosophy

Ever since Middle School, I've loved the power and elegance of the English language. As an application coach and writing teacher, I empower students to expresses themselves confidently through writing. As an English tutor for standardized exams, critical reading, and academic assignments, I teach students the skills, strategies, and writing styles that will allow them to succeed. 

My student-driven college application tutoring is designed to help students brainstorm and compose their Common Application personal statement and supplemental essays, craft their extracurricular resumes, manage their deadlines, and prepare for their interviews. By understanding the unique interests and goals of my students through in-depth conversations, I seek to get at the heart of who they are as individuals and to help them convey that personality to colleges. 

As an academic  tutor, I work with students, parents, and teachers to identify individualized goals and areas of improvement for each student. Using traditional study guides, new digital media, and print publications, we develop a unique path of study tailored to the student's interests and needs. Whether you're a college freshman, high school senior, or ESL (English as a second language) student in Middle School, we'll find the best way to help you succeed in the classroom and beyond.

I invite you to  learn a little bit more about me, read about my own experience applying to colleges, and to check out the advice I shared with Market Watch about the college process.